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Up or Down?
Up or Down? is a useful website that allows you or your visitors to see if your website is really down or if it's a problem on their end. There is no software to install - we host everything.
Price: $0
Author: Bold Outlook
Added: 06/23/2011
Updated: 06/23/2011
573 Hits

An online cron job replacement and website monitoring service. Scheduled task execution is useful when you don’t have access to (or simply don’t want to configure) Windows Scheduler or UNIX crontabs to send billing invoices, auto-post to blogs, update online games, and more. The monitoring service can alert you if your site is offline and provides uptime percentage and outage count as well as a badge. Both services provide alerts via email, MSN Messenger, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and Twitter.
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun Solaris
Price: $0, $19, $27
Author: CodeHill
Added: 02/28/2011
Updated: 02/28/2011
590 Hits

Provide Live Help
Provide Live Help desktop Chat application instantly notifies you of new chat requests, no need to keep your web browser open! Chat with your website visitors and connect to other Instant Messaging networks at the same time.
Version: 2.2
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,Mac OSX
Price: $0
Author: Provide Live HelpProvide
Added: 07/16/2010
Updated: 07/16/2010
608 Hits

Create lists, add contacts and divide lists into segments all within minutes. You can even create custom fields for mail-merge personalization and generate a sign-up form to place on your website. iContact provides all the direct email marketing tools you need, whether your list is 100 contacts, 100,000 contacts or more. Whatever your email marketing strategy might be, we're sure you want your email marketing messages to be top-notch. Our goal is to help you easily create professional-quality email newsletters and campaigns.You trust iContact to make sure your message reaches your customers' inboxes. We've developed the set of tools that you need to make sure your sending process is simple and successful. Insight into your email campaign performance is essential. iContact delivers real-time reporting with easy-to-understand graphs directly to you � through your personalized dashboard, so that you can maximize your campaign effectiveness every step of the way
Price: $8.46
Added: 06/28/2010
Updated: 06/28/2010
606 Hits

BlogtronixMicro allows users to build social and project-based groups and provides users with multimedia support, which include micro-social videos, images, and links in order to more effectively and efficiently transmit messages. It also enables users to make comments on others� activity feeds and grow messages through a multiplier effect. BlogtronixMicro allows users to assign tags to people and content in order to paint a better picture of knowledge exchange and pull relevant information. The system provides multi-language support, highly customizable dashboards that empower network owners to customize their systems in a way that fits their particular business needs and requirements
Version: 1
Platform(s): Windows
Price: $1.00
Author: Blogtronix LLC
Added: 05/09/2010
Updated: 05/09/2010
589 Hits

Forumify Forum Hosting
Get yourself a free FluxBB forum! Current features (updates frequently, check site for latest!): > Absolutely free > No bandwidth limit > No ads > No technical expertise required > Preinstalled plugins > Preinstalled themes > Hassle-free, instant signup > Free support > 99.9% uptime > Free updates > No programming knowledge required > Simple to use admin panel > Built in chatbox > Free listing in our forum directory > Spambot prevention > Built in censoring system > Theme and language statistics > Powerful forum cleanup tools > Custom CSS > User Reputation > Custom Ad codes > Maintenance Mode > Custom Pages > Daily Backups > AddThis button on every page of your forum Get yours today!
Price: $0
Author: Forumify
Added: 04/17/2010
Updated: 04/17/2010
638 Hits

ZoomZio Facebook Campaign Builder
ZoomZio is a service that aims to simplify social marketing, one of the most teeming areas in the field of advertising right now. The one social network that is specifically targeted is Facebook, as the site allows companies to create campaigns on their Facebook Pages and reach out to their active users, effectively increasing the presence of their brands. Nothing has to be downloaded or installed in order to create and launch a campaign, and there is no need to assemble an IT/Web team in order to keep everything running. When it comes to the different types of campaigns that can be created, these include all the prototypical ones such as �Webform�, �Quiz�, �Sweepstake�, �Coupon� and �Trivia Test�. That is quite a good range in itself, and it covers the different sectors of the public that you could aim for satisfactorily enough.
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,Mac OSX,Sun Solaris
Price: $0
Author: SetCube Systems LLC
Added: 04/02/2010
Updated: 04/02/2010
645 Hits

CGC Image Host
Free Image Hosting powered by CG Computers is a great free photo hosting for your daily online surfing. You will have several types of links to the photo that you have stored with us including a direct link which makes it suitable to publish the photo anywhere while the links can be also used in websites, blogs and any content management system. You don't even have to register to be able to upload but registration gives you the benifit of tracking your photos and know how many views did it get and where those views are coming from and the best thing is that it's all FREE!
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,Mac OSX
Author: CG Computers
Added: 12/16/2009
Updated: 12/16/2009
667 Hits
A unique new way of having your customers, business contacts, job applicants etc, fill out and instantly send in your PDF forms! The uses are unlimited, create catalogs, order forms, contracts and more. Job applications are now a breeze, people don't have to print out your pdf form, fill it in by hand and either mail or drive it in. This alone will bring your company many more qualified applicants. Hosted on our servers, all you need to do is update site links, or email the pdf link. Cheap price too!
Version: 1.0
Price: $10
Author: Rick Corrigan
Added: 12/14/2009
Updated: 12/14/2009
675 Hits

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