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iPod Copier
iPod Copier is very easy to use tool to Copy your iPod Device(Any Type), you can copy tracks from iPod to your local hard drive. With iPod Copier you can: 1- View all Audio/Video iPod Contents. 2- Play Audio/Video Tracks of the iPod. 3- View the properties of the Audio/Video tracks of the iPod. 4- Copy Audio/Video tracks from iPod to local hard drive. 5- Search in the tracks properties to easily find the desired track. 6- Support All iPod Types.
Version: 1
Price: $0
Author: iPod Copier
Added: 02/23/2009
Updated: 02/23/2009
508 Hits

All-into-One Flash Mixer
AiO Flash Mixer combines SWF files into one SWF file visually. You can merge several SWF into a new SWF by dragging and dropping the mouse. New version is available for you to add background music, text and most format of pictures (JPG, dynamic GIF, PNG). In order to help you to make a wonderful Flash, we provide thousand of Flash ClipArts. All you need to do for an amazing Flash is to drag and drop them into a new SWF.
Version: 3.6.7427
Platform(s): windows
Price: $29.00
Added: 05/21/2007
Updated: 05/21/2007
514 Hits

The Flash Anthology: Cool Effects & Practical ActionScript
The Flash Anthology is for anyone who wishes to take their Flash skills to the next level. Learn to create and customize dozens of effects, work with external data, produce charts & graphs, make your Flash sites search engine friendly, debug errors easily & quickly and so much more.
Platform(s): windows
Author: Steve Grosvenor
Added: 09/21/2004
Updated: 12/31/1969
516 Hits

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