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DHTMLX Pivot Table
It's a JavaScript Pivot table library for building powerful pivot grids that will help you to work with complex data. By using dhtmlxPivot, you'll be able to summarize large datasets and visualize them in a convenient way. Main features: intuitive drag-n-drop interface high performance easy configuration and customization of layout simple localization to any language you need data loading in the JSON format
Version: 1.0
Price: $299.00
Author: Dinamenta UAB
Added: 08/20/2017
Updated: 08/20/2017
247 Hits

Live Streaming Software
StreamNow is a one-stop solution to start your live streaming business. Highly scalable live streaming software with multiple revenue channels that includes all the features to serve as a Twitch or a Ustream clone.
Version: 1.0
Price: $899.00
Author: Streamhash
Added: 06/05/2017
Updated: 06/10/2017
184 Hits

Mushroom is an ad rotation script written in Node.js that will provide ad code URLs that can be access from anywhere. These tags are then used to rotate ad networks. There is a live dashboard and full site and zone tracking. Networks and tags are tracked separately as well. It comes with a full admin panel including a staff manager.
Version: 1.0.0
Price: $0.00
Author: Nullivex
Added: 01/06/2017
Updated: 01/06/2017
248 Hits

Instagram Clone Script ( Angular 2.0 )
Pic-O-Gram � Instagram Clone /InstaMessage Clone / Get Followers for Instagram / Get likes for Instagram / Sell On Instagram / Advertise on Instagram Website Features: 1) Signup or login using facebook or your email. 2) Login to your profile and view your newsfeed , the whole site is completely responsive so view easily on your mobile or desktop. 3) View and mange your profile from the website 4) Search for users or search for posts by hash tags. 5) Read comments and add your own. 6) Edit your profile from the website and additionally you can keep a profile PRIVATE so no one outside your friend circle can view your posts. Pic-O-Gram! Our Instagram Clone for iOS , Android and Web is one of the most technically advanced social media app source code in the world. The Instagram Source Code uses state of the art technologies like NodeJS , Neo4J , MongoDB , Pubnub and Angular JS 2.0 and hence assures web-scale!
Version: 1.1
Price: $999.00
Author: Appscrip
Added: 12/09/2016
Updated: 12/09/2016
405 Hits

JavaScript Framework Shield UI
The JavaScript Framework by Shield UI offers various JavaScript/HTML5 components for streamlined development. Each individual control in the ever-expanding product offering boasts excellent performance and high-level of customizability. All of this is backed by an industry leading 24/7 support packages. The components include 23 different Chart types, Grid view widget, TreeMap, different input widgets like an editable ComboBox, and many more.
Version: 1.7.13
Price: $399.00
Author: Shield UI Ltd
Added: 09/28/2015
Updated: 09/28/2015
482 Hits

Online T-shirt Designer
Online t-shirt designer software is a complete e-Commerce solution built on jQuery and HTML5 that allows the end-users to create t-shirt designs using a large collection of text fonts, clip-arts and images. The highly intuitive and interactive tool has a simple UI using which, stunning designs can be created on the t-shirts and several other products like t-shirts, jersey, sweatshirts, hoodies, cups, caps mugs, bags, clothes, shoes, photo frames apparels,buttons, mouse pads etc. The simple and easy-to-use functions ensure that the users with no experience in designing can also craft their own designs. This t-shirt maker is available on flexible pricing plans, SAAS as well as licensed basis designed for all business types.
Version: Developer Version
Price: $399.00
Author: Richard Clopton
Added: 07/01/2015
Updated: 07/01/2015
399 Hits

Software Quality Assurance
Qatesting is an off shore testing company in Gurgaon. we are offering software, website testing and mobile app testing services.
Price: $15.00
Author: Vinit Chaudhary
Added: 07/01/2015
Updated: 07/01/2015
348 Hits

Magic Edge - Image Background Remover
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Price: $16.00
Author: Srdjan Arsic
Added: 01/16/2015
Updated: 01/16/2015
353 Hits

Oxwall Chat Module
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Version: 10.0
Price: $199.00
Author: TOPCMM Software Limited
Added: 07/30/2014
Updated: 07/30/2014
381 Hits

jQuery and HTML5 Chart
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Version: 1.6.5
Price: $299.00
Author: ShieldUI
Added: 05/21/2014
Updated: 05/21/2014
377 Hits

Claudo-Clamã Linear Encryption Program is a password file protection method that ensures your password file is protected. Once you create the file your encrypted password file is portable and can be opened on any of your computer *devices that have a web browser with your login and keycode. No Internet connection is required. Without your login and keycode your passwords remain encrypted. To create your encrypted password file follow the 3 easy steps. AnDroid APK available
Price: $1.95
Author: Jim Atkins
Added: 12/13/2013
Updated: 12/13/2013
412 Hits

jsIRC is an implementation of the IRC Protocol written in JavaScript, written using Socket.IO, node.js, jQuery Title Alert and Sencha ExtJS, relying on string.js, Lo-Dash and PhantomJS. Implemented Features: Channel Chat Channel Modes Channel Moderation Client To Client Chat IRC Operator Message Of The Day List Channels RichUI Web Client
Price: $0.00
Author: Grosan Flaviu Gheorghe
Added: 11/25/2013
Updated: 11/25/2013
461 Hits

Likno Web Scroller jQuery Slider Builder
User-friendly, powerful WYSIWYG interface (GUI) for creating any type of stylish and cross-browser jquery slider or scroller, such as: image slider, slideshow, vertical scroller, horizontal scroller, jquery carousel, text scroller, jquery scroller, etc. Add scrollers (sliders) to your pages with many effects and minimal effort/code. Use text, HTML, images, videos (YouTube, etc.), Flash, animations, RSS, ATOM, XML feeds as content and more!
Version: 2.0.130
Price: $39.95
Author: Likno Software
Added: 04/29/2013
Updated: 04/29/2013
535 Hits

Facebook Auto Like Status + Comment + Poke
Auto Like/Unlike All Status or Comment Auto Pokes and Confirm/Unconfirm All Request Auto Add Friends / Auto Follow / Subscribe
Version: Mutiara Iliya
Price: $100.00
Author: Mutiara Iliya
Added: 03/11/2013
Updated: 03/11/2013
541 Hits

JQuery Porfolio Book Plugin
Important Note You�ll need a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript to get this up and running. I�ve made it as simple as possible but you�ll still need to know the basics. Please look at the demo code or read the document to make sure you�ll be able to handle it. Main features Jquery plugin Define questions through a simple JavaScript object Photo stack Auto play Easy to set up
Version: 1.0
Price: $14.00
Author: Vu Khanh Truong
Added: 10/14/2012
Updated: 10/17/2012
572 Hits

JavaScript free color picker
Gchats Javascript color picker make it easy for you to let your users select color from a DHTML layer with single click. It's best choice to have multiple color selectors in a page. Easily attach to your html form textfields, all javascript enabled browsers supported, easy to setup.
Version: 1.0
Price: $0.00
Added: 08/05/2012
Updated: 08/05/2012
533 Hits

jQuery Timeline Slider
Timeline Slider is the definitive plugin to build your history timelines. Its main configuration can be easily customized due to its compact config parameters, directly from the html file. Also more configurations can be edited through the css style sheet file. It comes with 2 skins, Dark, Light, to make easy the integration on your web project. The powerful jQuery library makes this component cross-platform.
Version: 1.0
Price: $10.00
Author: pezflash
Added: 05/07/2012
Updated: 05/07/2012
542 Hits

MTree - Mootools plugin of Tree navigation
This plugin accept many options, you can assign them when instantiate it. If you don't assign them, it will use the default value. Below are the options : subIndent :indent of sub item relative to the parent, in pixel. Default : 20 duration :length of animation in mili seconds , Default : 500 useCookie : set true if the plugin need to remember the selected item, Default : false accordionMode :set true if you need an accordion effect, Default : false
Price: $5.00
Author: boontaran
Added: 03/14/2012
Updated: 03/20/2012
562 Hits

JavaScript Accordion Sites
A classic JavaScript Accordion Sites.Everything is built and manipulated in JavaScript.Works in IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Price: $9.00
Author: nickycsako
Added: 03/14/2012
Updated: 03/20/2012
528 Hits

jQuery Mini Image Gallery
Fading XML jQuery Image Scroller Gallery & Slideshow. jQuery Image Gallery Features: Simple and clean Easy to adjust the jQuery image gallery through XML file (image width / height, text description, links) AutoPlay / Previous / Next buttons Time period adjustable from the XML file (in seconds) Menu thumbnails size adjustable from XML Image titles, mirror and roll over coloring support Highly customizable skins and HTML / CSS driven description text box Set external URL links for images
Price: $4.00
Author: Flashtuning
Added: 03/15/2012
Updated: 03/20/2012
500 Hits

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