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Editable javascript SelectBox
This JavaScript the Code, allows to use SelectBox , simultaneously, is possibility to edit or insert a new option if the necessary element is not present in the list.
Author: Alexey Pasmanik
Added: 12/15/2008
Updated: 12/15/2008
518 Hits

Learning jQuery
jQuery is a powerful JavaScript library that can enhance your websites regardless of your background. This book begins with a tutorial to jQuery, followed by an examination of common, real-world client-side problems, and solutions for each of them making it an invaluable resource for answers to all your jQuery questions. The book provides a gentle introduction to jQuery concepts, allowing you to add interactions and animations to your pages - even if previous attempts at writing JavaScript have left you baffled. It will guide you past the pitfalls associated with AJAX, events, effects, and advanced JavaScript language features. Web designers who want to create interactive elements for their designs, and for developers who want to create the best user interface for their web applications will find this book useful. The reader will need the basics of HTML and CSS, and should be comfortable with the syntax of JavaScript. For more information, visit Query/book
Author: Karl Swedberg, Jonathan Chaffer
Added: 07/03/2007
Updated: 08/05/2007
516 Hits

JavaScript Essentials
The purpose of this book is to provide the essentials of JavaScript so that anyone with a web site can use this powerful scripting language quickly and effectively. This book does not take any shortcuts. It provides detailed and indepth knowledge of all aspects of JavaScript from language basics through to advanced topics. This book is designed to provide a detailed and comprehensive, yet easy to follow, guide to developing powerful, dynamic web pages using JavaScript.
Version: n/a
Price: Free
Author: Neil Smyth
Added: 06/11/2007
Updated: 06/11/2007
528 Hits

The JavaScript Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks
The JavaScript Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks provides you with tried and tested real-world solutions to your web scripting problems. This is the most complete question-and-answer book on JavaScript. Itís a collection of over 100 thoroughly-tested, customizable and elegant solutions that will show you how to add usable and accessible interactivity to your site: from slick drop-down menus, to style sheet switchers, to AJAX applications, and much more.
Version: n/a
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: $39.00
Author: Cameron Adams & James Edwards
Added: 03/22/2006
Updated: 03/22/2006
517 Hits

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