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Freshfield - Drawing Register
Our drawing register is a complete system for managing and distributing electronic copies of your drawings, whether you have 300 drawings or 3000 drawings. Our register can store any type of electronic file such as dwg, tif, pdf, bmp, jpg etc. Once uploaded it can be revised using the revision system, which tracks and controls change requests and the approval of the changes. The drawings can be sent out to predefined recipients via email automatically, or printed and sent via other means. A list is maintained so you know exactly who got what, when and why. The features of the current version are; • Insert drawings with number, title, author, revision and status • Easily revise drawings keeping history of revisions • Submit detailed change requests requiring electronic approval • Individual user security & complete audit log • Create Transmittals for electronic or hard copy distribution Demo Available
Version: 2.0
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd
Price: $255.00
Author: Tony J
Added: 10/02/2007
Updated: 10/02/2007
58305 Hits

Quicksilver Forums
Quicksilver Forums is a fast, feature rich bulletin board system written in PHP and MySQL. It is fully object oriented and optimized for speed, ease of use, and easy modifications. QSF checks all inputs though a common interface which drastically reduces the chances of exploitable bugs. Powerful and flexible skinning engine makes giving your board a new look very simple. Advanced permissions system allows for fine grained group and user permissions. Based on the popular MercuryBoard software.
Version: 1
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: Free
Author: The Quicksilver Forums Development Team
Added: 11/18/2005
Updated: 09/30/2007
19396 Hits

JEMWD Contact System with Admin Interface
This comment system has the following features: *Two main options to receive messages ** MySQL database with admin interface to respond to messages (also logs responses and who* responded) ** Support for multiple admin accounts ** Email to admin email account with preset reply-to header * jQuery form submission for smoother user experience * Customised CSS3 form design * Mobile-optimised design (auto resize for mobile devices)
Version: 1.0
Price: 0.00
Author: Joshua Mustill
Added: 09/13/2013
Updated: 09/13/2013
16384 Hits

Inout StickBoard - Image/Video Pin Based Social Network from Inout Scripts
Inout StickBoard is a image/video based visual pinning social media platform that gives your users an opportunity to build and save awesome social stuffs online. Inout StickBoard is designed as a pin and board style social photo and video sharing software that allows users to establish and manage image collections/albums such as love, events, interests, hobbies, and more Features include #Unlimited Boards and Pins #Unique Style Board #Unlimited Users #Like & Unlike #Inspired pins #Easy User Chat #Mobile Ready (Responsive) Web Design #Advanced User Privacy #Easy Video Sharing #Simple user registration #Social Login #Social Media Links #User / Board Following #Manage Abusive Content #Fully Customizable Themes #Revenue Through Advertising #Support Multi-Languages #SEO Friendly Pages #Advance Search Filters #Location Mapping #Gmail Contact Import #Third Party Website Image Crawling #Unlimited Categories #Configurable Mail Preferences #Comments for Pins
Price: $349.00
Author: Inout Scripts
Added: 12/17/2015
Updated: 12/17/2015
6016 Hits

TaskRabbit Clone Script | Micro Job Board Script - Task Genie
Get your readymade TaskRabbit Clone from Exalt Infoway, a perfect micro job board script for a market place website. It provides you perfect resources to outsource small jobs to experts in your niche.
Price: $199.00
Author: Exalt Infoway
Added: 09/28/2015
Updated: 09/28/2015
4425 Hits

Komodo PHP dashboard
Komodo PHP dashboard enable you to create visual data such us metric, various graph and also tabular in the easy way. Komodo PHP dashboard helps you to make visual data from multiple data sources including Exccel Files, MySQL DB and PostgreSQL DB. Komodo PHP dashboard comes with easy installer package, just upload your Komodo PHP dashboard files, extract and run the installer. Its has the ability to share dashboard with your co-worker or partner. Komodo PHP dashboard has everything you need to create, analyze and share visual data.
Price: $49.00
Author: Techkomodo
Added: 12/30/2017
Updated: 12/30/2017
3435 Hits

SWIMBI (Swift Menu Builder)
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Version: 1.1.0
Price: $19.00
Added: 06/06/2014
Updated: 06/06/2014
3133 Hits

Tutorial Hub
TutorialHub is a script specifically designed to grab all the latest tutorials/articles off the internet, what's great about it is that you control where you want the content from, if you have visited a website and thought "WOW, there fantastic tutorials, i wish i could have them on my website" now you can!, in the admin section and config files, simply set the URL you wish your script to gather information from, there's no limit to how many websites you want your script to fetch content. The script will auto update it's self twice daily, in 12 hour intervals, check out the demo, we started gathering tutorials 6 days ago, and it has already gathered just short of 13,000 tutorials. TutorialHub also enhances the way your user's can find content, with a unique search system, TutorialHub will search the keyword and list them so your user's will never be searching through countless pages to find something very specific. Comes ready made with an easy to edit design..
Version: V1
Platform(s): Linux
Price: $29.95
Author: Paul Meakin
Added: 11/09/2006
Updated: 11/09/2006
1555 Hits

3D Card
Introduction This component is very easy to use. You will only have to create flat movieclips, and the 3D Card component will make it look and work like a 3D object. The created 3D model can then be rotated in all directions and viewed from all angles. Features Create 3D models from flat movieclips Drag and drop Very easy to use Requirements The component is compatible wifth Flash MX, Flash MX 2004, Flash 8 and Flash CS3.
Version: 1.5.1
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: $10.00
Added: 05/04/2007
Updated: 05/04/2007
1474 Hits

Professional Ajax
Professional Ajax discusses the range of request brokers (including the hidden frame technique, iframes, and XMLHttp) and explains when one should be used over another. You will also learn different Ajax techniques and patterns for executing client-server communication on your web site and in web applications. By the end of the book, you will have gained the practical knowledge necessary to implement your own Ajax solutions. In addition to a full chapter case study showing how to combine the book's Ajax techniques into an AjaxMail application, Professional Ajax uses many other examples to build hands-on Ajax experience.
Version: n/a
Price: $26.39
Author: Nicholas C. Zakas, Jeremy McPeak, Joe Fawcett
Added: 11/09/2006
Updated: 11/09/2006
1465 Hits

Ajax Contact Form
This ajax form will allow your users to communicated to you via our web page. It is easy to change the email address and you can have as many emails as you want. Check the demo to see how it works.
Version: n/a
Platform(s): linux, windows
Price: $1.00
Author: ScriptHole
Added: 11/04/2007
Updated: 11/04/2007
1461 Hits

AJASON is a PHP 5 library and JavaScript client for the Web technology called AJAX. AJAX permits data to be fetched asynchronously without the need for reloading the Web page and thus allows the development of interactive GUI-like Web applications. JSON is a lightweight data interchange format which is used by AJASON to exchange data between server and client. AJASON features the ability to exchange complex data types and client-side error reporting for server-side AJASON errors.
Version: n/a
Price: Free
Author: na
Added: 11/09/2006
Updated: 11/09/2006
1445 Hits

AJAX & PHP File Manager API
AJAX & PHP File Manager API is an application where you can easily manage your server files. This API is a dynamic web based file management system that will allow you to create a user-friendly online document repository. You can use it to browse directories and files on the server and edit, copy, move, delete, search, upload, download files, create and extract archives, create new directories and files, edit images and files, view thumbnails files and much more... AJAX & PHP FILE MANAGER API is similar to the CPANEL FILE MANAGER API, but much more powerfull and user-friendly. See more in pis/filemanager/homepage/ homepage.php
Version: 1.0
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: Free
Author: João Paulo Pinto - RickY
Added: 09/18/2007
Updated: 09/18/2007
1390 Hits

Learn to Master Joomla! 1.5 Extension& Framework Development with new book
Packed with expert advice on all aspects of programming with Joomla! Written by James Kennard, this book is an invaluable reference guide that users will turn to again and again as they work with Joomla! This book is ideal for people who have done PHP programming to extend or customize Joomla! If users feel that they have mastered the basics of creating Joomla! extensions, then this book will take them to the next level. Users will also learn about customizing the page output, using JavaScript effects, making use of Web Services from within Joomla! thus ensuring a secure and error-free code This book is written for PHP developers who want to understand how Joomla! works with a view to advanced customization or extension development, and want to learn how to work with the Joomla! framework. Packed with expert advice on all aspects of programming with Joomla!, this book is an invaluable reference guide users will turn to again and again in their Joomla! development tasks.
Version: n/a
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: $44.99
Author: James Kennard
Added: 11/29/2007
Updated: 11/29/2007
1365 Hits

Mortgage Calculators

Version: 1.0
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: Free
Added: 09/24/2006
Updated: 10/16/2006
1352 Hits

Ajax For Dummies
This book gives an excellent tutorial on how to use the various components such as JavaScript, XML, CSS and others to create what might be called an Ajax page. It also gives a wide series of URLs to go to for the most current information and demonstrations.
Version: n/a
Price: $19.79
Author: Steve Ph.D. Holzner
Added: 11/09/2006
Updated: 11/09/2006
1325 Hits

Ajax autosuggest / autocomplete from database
Create an Ajax autosuggest/autocomplete search form with results from database by following this tutorial
Author: roScripts
Added: 06/10/2007
Updated: 09/27/2007
1324 Hits

Herong's Tutorial Notes on Web Service and SOAP
This free book is an excellent tutorial book for beginners. It is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning PHP himself. Topics include Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Services Definition Language (WSDL), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI), Data Model, Encoding, HTTP Binding, Message Exchange Patterns, Properties, RPC, Web Method. Key sections: - What Is a Web Service? - Web Service Related Technologies - What Is SOAP? - SOAP Communication Example - SOAP Message Structure - SOAP Fault Message - SOAP Protocol Binding - SOAP Distributed Processing Model - SOAP Features - SOAP Modules - What Is SOAP Data Model? - What Is SOAP Encoding? - Multiple References and Circular Referencces
Version: 2.03
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: Free
Author: Dr. Herong Yang
Added: 09/28/2005
Updated: 10/18/2005
1321 Hits

JavaScript Essentials
The purpose of this book is to provide the essentials of JavaScript so that anyone with a web site can use this powerful scripting language quickly and effectively. This book does not take any shortcuts. It provides detailed and indepth knowledge of all aspects of JavaScript from language basics through to advanced topics. This book is designed to provide a detailed and comprehensive, yet easy to follow, guide to developing powerful, dynamic web pages using JavaScript.
Version: n/a
Price: Free
Author: Neil Smyth
Added: 06/11/2007
Updated: 06/11/2007
1310 Hits

3D Piano and Simulated Motion Blur effect.
This is a grand piano turning with a simulated motion blur effect. Included in the fla download is a text tutorial on how to apply a motion blur to this or any other movie clip you might want to create.
Platform(s): windows, osx
Added: 11/11/2004
Updated: 11/11/2004
1305 Hits

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