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JEMWD Contact System with Admin Interface
This comment system has the following features: *Two main options to receive messages ** MySQL database with admin interface to respond to messages (also logs responses and who* responded) ** Support for multiple admin accounts ** Email to admin email account with preset reply-to header * jQuery form submission for smoother user experience * Customised CSS3 form design * Mobile-optimised design (auto resize for mobile devices)
Version: 1.0
Price: 0.00
Author: Joshua Mustill
Added: 09/13/2013
Updated: 09/13/2013
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Ajax PHP/MySQL Guestbook
A nice Ajax PHP/MySQL questbook with a very clean, simple interface.
Platform(s): Linux
Price: $0
Author: Ehwtf
Added: 05/01/2009
Updated: 05/01/2009
1041 Hits

Ajax Translator Revolution Pro
Provides a set of options to customize the translator to accomplish any translation task, such as: Translate AJAX generated text Translate cufon text Select exactly what parts of the page should be translated and exclude others Remember user selected laguanges and auto translate feature Show languages flags and names, or just names, or just flags 71 documented options to customize Translator Revolution PRO uses the AJAX Google Translate API , which means that the translation will take place without reloading the webpage. There are 10 colors skins to choose from, they come in 4 styles and 2 variants, totalizing 80 different skins. If you're a CSS guru, you can style it in the way you want, just don't use any skin. The samples include a demonstration of how to do it.
Price: $10
Author: SurStudio
Added: 08/31/2011
Updated: 08/31/2011
926 Hits

SWIMBI (Swift Menu Builder)
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Version: 1.1.0
Price: $19.00
Added: 06/06/2014
Updated: 06/06/2014
903 Hits

Best Groupon Clone by Gripsell
Groupon clone is a daily deals script offered by Gripsell daily deals script is a browser compatible PHP and MySQL based business enabler script that allows you to start your own daily deals website quickly and easily, helps you to setup, maintain an extensive and well organized coupon based business. features exclusive functions like deals maps, instant deals, multi-locations deals, multi-lingual deals, PDF invoicing module, sales analysis, social media integration, retailers and merchant login, and more. Gripsell Script features an unbeatable deals engine that allows posting the custom and best stuff. The users can buy the daily deal, access purchased coupons, and redeem them electronically.
Version: 4.3.3
Price: $349.00
Author: Gripsell, Inc.
Added: 11/18/2011
Updated: 11/18/2011
919 Hits

ATN Auto Portal
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Version: 2.0
Price: $299.00
Author: ATN Solutions
Added: 08/02/2014
Updated: 08/02/2014
711 Hits

Editable javascript SelectBox
This JavaScript the Code, allows to use SelectBox , simultaneously, is possibility to edit or insert a new option if the necessary element is not present in the list.
Author: Alexey Pasmanik
Added: 12/15/2008
Updated: 12/15/2008
715 Hits

Entertainment CMS
Post movie direct from Youtube,Daily Motion, Google Video, Youku, VEOH, Megaupload, and many more popular video sites. * Allow member to post comment, movie, and rate. * URL Search Engine Friendly. * Great interface allow visitor to manage the site easily. * highly secure system. * Sort movie by alphabet, newly listed, and most viewed. * Allow visitor to watch movie in full view mode. * Visitor could send the movie link to his/her friend with one click. * Easy to manage and secure admin system. * Easy too add in advertise for the site. * post movie fast within one step. * Allow to add in description for the movie. * Allow admin to add/edit/remove category. * MP3 - MUSICS Play and Download. * Upload Robort System * Mass FTP Uploader * Single File uoloader * Wallpaper Included * Unlimited Categories included. * One Click Updation
Version: 1.0
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,FreeBSD,Mac OSX
Price: $500.00
Added: 04/26/2009
Updated: 04/26/2009
710 Hits

FileRun - Professional Ajax File Manager
Manage and share files online using an intuitive Web interface. Drag and drop uploading, unlimited upload size, upload folders, progress bar, file versioning, full-text search, metadata and file comments, email notifications, fully customized interface, embedded WebDAV server, user registration, advanced user permissions settings, assign space and traffic quotas, share folders between users, publish files online, search users activity logs, multilanguage support, SSL support... It can even share the login with your existing website/scripts! High quality customer support service.
Version: 2.0
Price: $175
Author: FileRun LLC
Added: 10/10/2011
Updated: 10/10/2011
705 Hits

FREE ResellerClub Tools for WHMCS
Working comfortably with ResellerClub's products and services through your WHMCS system requires additional tools. There's nothing more annoying than joining two separate control panels for a configuration change or just for searching and checking something. Over the past years there have been accumulated a lot of utilities and tools we developed for our own use to work more comfortable and more efficient with WHMCS and ResellerClub together. The "FREE ResellerClub Tools" initially includes 3 utilities. Gradually will be incorporate more tools for free. The Tool Box includes up to date: Automatic Customer Registration: Adds the customer automatically under your ResellerClub reseller account. Modify Customer Profile: Applies the changes from the WHMCS customer profile to the ResellerClub customer profile. Delete customer account: Deletes the ResellerClub customer account when deleting from WHMCS.
Version: 1.0.0
Price: $0
Author: ResellerClub Mods
Added: 10/06/2011
Updated: 10/06/2011
700 Hits

GenScriber is a desktop application, designed for transcribing genealogy documents from images of census registers, church/parish records etc. It is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. The interface is comprised of several resizable windows within a single main window. A register image can be viewed in the top window while data is input in the bottom window. No installation is required. Just unzip and run it. You can even run it from a pendisk. Key Features:- No installation needed, will run from flashdrive etc. Intuitive spreadsheet style data input. Split window to allow easy viewing of index images, while transcibing. Easily hide unused columns on large worksheets. Simple template system for coordinators. Optional built-in C like scripting language.
Version: 1.2.1
Price: $0
Author: Les Hardy
Added: 10/24/2011
Updated: 10/24/2011
729 Hits

idev-Realty 2.0 Real Estate Classifieds Directory
Real estate listings open directory. Create a real estate listings directory that allows your visitors to add their own real estate listings. Powerful listing search features, integrated with Google Maps and Google Earth. Visitors will be able to visually search listings on Google Maps and toggle 3D Google Earth view. In addition, visitors will also be able to search by category and specific criteria, such as price range, features, location, etc. Free, paid and upgradable user listings. Create your own custom listing upgrade packages, operate a free directory, paid directory or a combination of the two. Easy to customize: Choose from our pre-made templates or create your own. It is easy to add your own header and footer, or adjust the color scheme.
Price: $29.95
Author: idevSpot
Added: 07/19/2011
Updated: 07/19/2011
717 Hits

ILance Auction Marketplace Software
Looking for an auction powered marketplace solution? ILance offers a feature packed and fully automated auction software that can be geared to your own unique business plans. Supporting Service/Supplies freelance/ RFQ type events that work in a reverse bidding environment or forward bidding Product events including buy now and lot auctions, also supporting lowest Unique Bidding events. Categories/Subcats with Advanced Filters for specific search results, Custom question and Profile fields that cater to any business market criteria. Create custom member role types, plans and permissions, Plus insertion/ final value/verification fee structures for all types of events. Escrow payment support optional, integrated payment gateways. Public or Private messaging, Watchlists, Feedback and Ratings, Referrals and XML. SEO optimized URL support, Templated Emails and Framework, Language Translation, CSS Manager, Global Distance calc, Live Currency and more!
Version: 3.2.1
Price: $497.00
Author: ILance Inc.
Added: 09/13/2011
Updated: 12/14/2011
707 Hits

Image Notes for Magento
Images Notes extension is a simple tool that can be used in many different scenarios for improving your sales. The extension enables Admin to add notes to product and category images. Those notes contain text and/or links and are displayed upon a mouse-over above the selected part of an image. Full list of features and possible uses of the extension are available on the product page.
Version: 1.0
Price: $99
Author: AITOC, Inc
Added: 09/08/2011
Updated: 09/08/2011
715 Hits

Inoutscripts - Popular PHP Scripts
Inoutscripts is a leading site which offers different php based scripts that are powerful, easy customizable and 100% template driven. It's products are world's leading scripts which are highly accepted by webmasters around the world. Inoutscripts provides a complete mailing list solution with the Inout Mailing List Manager. It is a low cost, feature rich solution for your mailing list requirements. Inout Search Engine allows you to create a fully featured search engine which can be very easily added to your website. Inout Adserver allows you to create a feature rich advertising network in less than 100 dollars. Inout Article Base is the best article management script for your website. Currently we have the following 7 products. ## Inout Mailing List Manager (standard and ultimate) ## Inout Search Engine ## Inout PPC Engine ## Inout Adsever (standard and ultimate) ## Inout Query space ## Inout Article Base (standard and ultimate) ## Inout Celebrities ##
Version: 5
Price: $49.00
Added: 06/04/2009
Updated: 12/12/2011
717 Hits

Simple Java Calendar Video Tutorial
This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a simple java calendar with day, week and month views using DHTMLX JavaPlanner web control. The tutorial consists of two videos. You'll learn how to set up a database and connect it to your project, load and save calendar events to the database, and configure the code appropriately,
Price: $299.00
Author: DHTMLX
Added: 05/28/2013
Updated: 05/28/2013
692 Hits

JobFlexer - Flexible Content Managment System The Software JobFlexer is an platform developed in PHP with mySQL database. This Software includes everything needed to start your own Internet business in the area of employment. JobFlexer Software allows to create a site for employment in a few minutes. Choose our ready-made solutions for a low price and high quality instead! View All Features: Free Templates: Free Demo Version:
Version: 2.0
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun Solaris
Price: $250
Author: Kivals Technology
Added: 10/27/2010
Updated: 10/27/2010
706 Hits

JobSite Professional v3.0
Version 3.0 is already available! Now featuring a new improved front site layout, facebook connect integration, video resumes, indexing of the content of the uploaded files by the jobseekers, improvements in the jobseekers resume database browse and search, multi level locations and many others. JobSite Professional is a flexible script for running jobs board websites. The full source codes are provided, not encrypted, which makes possible to further edit the script you may need this. It is template based and can be run with various templates (multiple demos are available on our website). The front site is empowered also by WebSiteAdmin and can be combined with all the modules (like Intranet, News, Links Manager, Document Manager, FAQ Manager, Photo Albums, Newsletter and others) and products of the WebSiteAdmin family (Blog System, Real Estate Portal, Car Portal, Vlog System, Pharmacy System, Vlog System and others). Check out our website for more information and online demos.
Version: 3.0
Price: $319
Author: NetArt Media
Added: 09/18/2011
Updated: 09/18/2011
698 Hits

Money Format with Commas Thousands Separator
This JavaScript returns a number as formatted for United States currency, by grouping the digits in groups of three with a comma and forcing two decimal places.
Version: 1.0
Price: $0
Author: Jeffrey Bennett
Added: 11/16/2011
Updated: 11/16/2011
716 Hits

MyHotel on-line hotel booking script
MyHotel is a powerful hotel management and on-line reservation tool. This script is a fully functional PHP solution to manage small to medium size hotels, appartments and guesthouses. Visitors of Hotel site will be able to search room availability with an online booking and reservation system. They also could view rooms inventory, check availability, and book reservations in a real-time. Following payment modules are integrated: Paypal, 2Checkout, Eurobank, Deltapay (Alpha Bank, Millennium Bank). The MyHotel is configured with English, German, Spanish, Dutch and Greek languages.
Version: 2.0
Price: $150
Author: Tom van der Veer
Added: 11/04/2011
Updated: 11/04/2011
693 Hits

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