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Advanced zoom process
Learn this tutorial, and see how to zoom any picture, object.... in flash 8 using the button and Action Script.
Version: n/a
Price: Free
Added: 11/03/2006
Updated: 11/03/2006
503 Hits

Advantages of Using VoiceXML In Comparison To Similar Tools
Companies that are interested in investing in voice technology may want to look at VoiceXML rather than older systems such as IVR. There are a number of reasons for this.VoiceXML is very flexible, and applications that are designed with it will reflect this high level of flexibility. Even if your company must purchase equipment for deployment purposes, the flexibility of your VoiceXML tools will be maintained.
Version: n/a
Price: Free
Author: chowsys
Added: 11/18/2006
Updated: 11/18/2006
518 Hits

Adverev Run your own advertising network
Running your own advertising network is easy. With our script you can have it all up and running in just a few minutes. Make money by using it to manage your own ads on your network, or open it to the public and make money on every link purchased on ton's of sites. You can also use this script to power your own advertising.
Version: 1.1
Platform(s): linux
Price: Free
Author: Ed Charkow
Added: 04/04/2005
Updated: 05/09/2005
512 Hits

Advertising Manager - Track your ad campaigns in real time!
Manage all of your advertising campaigns from ONE location! Real time stats so you can see real time click through rates. This script will help you see which of your advertising campaigns are getting the most clicks! Manage as many domain names as you have! When you add a new campaign you set a "Redirect To URL" and the visitors are automatically forwarded to any website and any page on that website that you specify! Each campaign will be assigned a unique ID and a full URL is displayed for you to give to the company you are advertising with. There is a built in banner manager also! No more hunting for banner URL's to give to the company you are advertising with! Just upload your banners and a URL is automatically assigned to that banner. The entire process is quick and simple! Comes with an auto installer as well! Free install if you have any trouble.
Version: 1.3
Platform(s): linux, freebsd
Price: $20.00
Author: Internet Technologies Services
Added: 11/10/2004
Updated: 02/16/2005
499 Hits

Advertising Server
Advertising Server is a fully functional Internet Advertising Management and Serving System for UNIX and Microsoft Windows. It is a set of scripts using the powerful My SQL database to fully automate the Internet advertisement display and tracking process, saving both time and money through advanced automation. Designed for sites of all sizes, Advertising Server is designed for easy integration and on-site customization of ad placements. It offers multiple account, multiple zone, multiple website and multiple advertiser capability allowing for the much requested network capabilities. Above all of that, Advertising Server can display and track banners on unlimited sites for unlimited advertisers while keeping all administration work in a standard, centralized, easy to use, and web based administration area. Advertising Server combines ease of use and enterprise technology with a reasonable price. A must solution for any company seeking to sell advertising online.
Version: 3.0
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx
Price: $144.96
Added: 06/17/2005
Updated: 08/14/2005
500 Hits

Administrators can delete/view images and users. Registered users have a list of all uploaded files. Anonymous users are allowed to upload files. Easily customized and easily installed.
Version: 1
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd
Price: $18.00
Author: Josh Rendek
Added: 03/11/2005
Updated: 03/12/2005
510 Hits

aeDating Dating Software Specialist
Speed dating module, online chat - FlashChat, moderators, instant messenger, ShoutBox, photos upload, e-commerce capabilities (integrated with paypal, 2checkout, NETBilling,, CCBill, Tranzilla, GestPay, Yaskifo, PayMate, and PaySystems), voice and video uploads, multiple languages, 9 design templates, rate photos (Hot or Not), hot list & black list, rate profile, chicks for free feature, invite a friend, zodiac sings, friends list and guestbook, virtual kisses, US, Canada zip codes and UK post code locator, full featured affiliate system, simple member registration, integrated 3rd party community scripts phpBB, vBulletin, and over 69 new features. aeDating dating software is the most featured solution to create online dating site for personals and matchmaking services and speed dating services. You can create mainstream dating site, adult dating site, teenagers dating site or swingers dating site with leading software solution.
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd
Price: $690.00
Author: AEwebworks Dating Software Specialist
Added: 05/10/2005
Updated: 04/27/2006
501 Hits

AeonCube : cPanel Email Account Creator [EAC]
The cPanel Email Account Creator is the perfect script to setup a Hotmail / Yahoo email system to allow your users to signup and start sending emails to friends and family with your hosting. All you need is a cPanel hosting account which many good hosting companies offer such as our hosting company RelicHost Systems. Features: •Easy to install and only 1 file to edit before upload • Easy to customized every page of this script • Instant signup for email accounts • Integrated into cPanel • Integrate into your web mails template style • Choose how much email space user can have • Online admin with the following features: - Edit account setup settings - View all accounts Requirements: cPanel / MySQL / PHP, please view page for full list of requirements & features.
Version: 1.3.0
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: £2.99
Author: AeonCube Networks
Added: 10/17/2006
Updated: 08/09/2007
505 Hits

AET Ajax Email Ticker
The AET (Ajax Email ticker) is a simple ticker which lists some email info (Subject, from...) of your inbox. The ticker can be used to quickly check your email. You still need your webmailer to read them. The access to the ticker can be protected by a password. Possibility to add filter on Subject and Email from. You can fully customize the aspect of the ticker by changing the settings in the css file.
Version: 0.2
Platform(s): linux, windows
Price: Free
Author: stefano molinari
Added: 08/26/2006
Updated: 09/28/2006
504 Hits

AFBuilder Website Builder
AFBuilder is the most innovative website development system in the industry, making building a new website one of the easiest decisions anyone can make. For business or personal use, sports teams, clubs, you name it, with our easy to use system, you can't go wrong. The system was built simple and flexible enough for any internet user, from notive users to professional website designers. You can even use our tools with an existing website, and only have our system manage the content of your web pages. Try our demo to see a sample of the controls.
Version: 2.1
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: $49.99
Author: Paul Crinigan
Added: 09/19/2006
Updated: 09/19/2006
510 Hits

Affedit Conversion Tracker
Affedit allows affiliates to identify converting traffic. It logs visitors, recording the page, keywords and identity of the ad (if any). Information from the log record is then inserted into the tracking or subid variable of affiliate links. This appears in the network sales report telling you exactly which keywords and ads converted. Whether you're writing content for search engines or advertising, Affedit tells you where to concentrate your time and money. Because affiliate links are discovered and changed automatically by pattern matching, no extra work is required to install Affedit on existing sites.
Version: 1.1
Platform(s): linux
Price: $15.00
Author: Peter Cartwright
Added: 10/01/2006
Updated: 10/30/2006
504 Hits

Affiliate Banner Rotation
This affiliate banner rotation script is probably the most easiest to install ad manager on the web! All you've have to do is upload a list of all your affiliate advertising codes in a list and that is about it. Simply include the script using a PHP include code (included) and you're on you way fast and easy. The script changes which advertisement will be viewed next making sure that all your adverts get equal viewing (does NOT show at random like most scripts) and the script requires the page to be refreshed to change the advertisement seen so that you get extended viewing per banner.
Version: 1.0
Platform(s): linux
Price: $1.00
Added: 06/06/2007
Updated: 06/06/2007
502 Hits

Affiliate ClickIt Script
This php script uses a database to store member information. This script is used as an addition to any website wanting to offer a unique affiliate program. This affiliate program is different than many because it pays affiliates per unique visitor rather than per sale. Registered affiliates can use banners or links to advertise and the administration (you) set how much to pay per unique visitor. Registered affiliates can request payout when they have reached the amount set by the administration (you). This script is setup to catch cheaters by allowing only unique visitors. Registered affiliates that try to cheat the system will get automatic marks and the administration (you) can cancle the regestered affiliates account at any time.
Version: n/a
Platform(s): windows
Price: $2.95
Author: Ben C
Added: 03/15/2008
Updated: 03/15/2008
509 Hits

Affiliate Directory Website : Great Traffic Generator and Earner
This website is a great traffic generator combining ease of use with unlimite capabilities. Allowing visitors to suggest links to other online website but giving admin full control over the content, categories, settings, website design, and much more. Owner can choose to place affiliated links in to earn commission whilst earnign through advertising such as banners or text links. Directories and indexing websites are very popular in todays dot com, with millions of consumers searching and trying to find products every day.
Version: n/a
Platform(s): linux
Price: £14.99
Author: LinuxHostingUK
Added: 05/24/2005
Updated: 09/06/2005
507 Hits

Affiliate Network Pro
Affiliate Network Pro is the next generation affiliate network software solution that allows you to start your own successful affiliate network just like LinkShare and Commission Junction. Run your own affiliate program network just like the big boys for only $390 and stop paying thousands of dollars for the license fee. If you are looking to run your own network of merchants and affiliates or simply start an affiliate program for your company, then Affiliate Network Pro is the right solution for you!
Version: 7.40
Platform(s): linux, windows
Price: $390.00
Added: 08/24/2005
Updated: 09/06/2005
504 Hits

Affiliate Shop with Enhanced SEO url's
Affiliate Shop v6.0 - This custom built website allows you to have an entire online shop filled with all your affiliate links. The website features true search engine friendly url's which at the same time block the viewing of your affiliate links. All outside links open in a new window with a smartframe so the visitor never leaves your site when visiting your merchants. You have the ability to add discount items, featured items, and add store logo's all directly from your admin area. Affiliate Shop also has a complete advertisers section that allows advertisers to purchase rotating banner and text ads on your website. Admin has full control over all ads with approval or reject management. All ad prices can be set by the admin. CSV in admin is setup so you can also export all your data for use in GoogleBase. If the buyer needs additional functions added to the site just let us know.
Version: 6.0
Platform(s): linux
Price: $169.97
Added: 09/17/2007
Updated: 09/17/2007
509 Hits

Affiliate Success: eBay
Affiliate Success: eBay is a one-of-a-kind PHP application that connects to eBay's web API to collect auction data and then displays these auction listings (eBay ads) on your website in plain-text. The plain-text auction data is awesome for search engine referrals. AS:e is also great to use with Adsense and Chitika and you will be surprised at how much more you can make with the eBay affiliate program. AS:e includes the Dynamic Web Generation framework. DWG can instantly create a 27,000 (one page/eBay category) page site filled with eBay auctions (requires mySQL.) Affiliate Success: eBay includes advanced caching, admin control panel to control all aspects of AS:e and DWG including your eBay affilite ID, step-by-step guides for installation, joining eBay Developer Program (free) / Commission Junction (free), and usage and template design, API access; develop your own eBay web apps, free support / upgrades. Only basic HTML skills are needed to use AS:e.
Version: 1.01
Platform(s): linux, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: $129.99
Author: BW Griggs
Added: 01/26/2006
Updated: 03/15/2006
508 Hits

AffiliatesLLC - ClickBank Search And Syndication Engine
The AffiliatesLLC script is a ClickBank search engine script that will enrich your website with all the content from the ClickBank leading affiliate network. The AffiliatesLLC script is not one of its kind, there a lot of similar scripts around. We developed this script because we were unable to find any script that implements automated installation procedures, templating capabilities and RSS content syndication. The AffiliatesLLC script has all the mentioned features in addition to all the standard features such as automated parsing and database maintainence.
Version: 2.11
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, sun
Price: $49.99
Author: Ruslan K. Abuzant
Added: 04/25/2006
Updated: 04/25/2006
506 Hits

Aflog is a free, blogging script written in PHP and runs from a mysql database. It allows you to post your blogs, have members join, comments, ratings, update rss etc etc. It also has skins you can apply to your blog and a useful control panel. Additional plugins can also enhance your blog the way you want it... best of all 100% FREE! It is a basic little script, but with further input updates will be even better!
Version: 1.0
Platform(s): linux, windows
Price: Free
Author: Fallen Monkey Productions
Added: 12/17/2007
Updated: 12/17/2007
507 Hits

AgileBill Billing System
Agileco's billing application for the SME is a stand-alone, web-based billing application that completely automates account registration, ordering, subscription management, automated invoicing, recurring billing, account management, commerce reporting, and newsletters. AgileBill supports unlimited themes, languages, and currencies. Supports over 40 payment processors for full order and invoice automation. Agileco's Content Protection solution enables content and service providers with various tools to lock down their online content and/or services, effectively limiting access and routing user registration and authentication through the AgileBill billing application. A database mapping module enables integration with forum, CMS, and other popular applications. Also features optional affiliate, ticket management, web hosting provisioning, and domain name registration modules. Free downloadable trial version available.
Version: 1.4.92
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx
Price: Free
Author: Agileco
Added: 09/29/2004
Updated: 10/03/2005
508 Hits

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