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PHP Login Script
A database driven login system in PHP and MySQL that supports password encryption.
Version: 1.0
Price: $0.00
Author: Annice Strömberg
Added: 06/18/2008
Updated: 11/15/2016
832 Hits

PHP News Script
A database driven news system in PHP and MySQL with an admin section to manage news.
Version: 1.0
Price: $0.00
Author: Annice Strömberg
Added: 11/15/2016
Updated: 11/15/2016
271 Hits

PHP Real Estate Script
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Version: 2.10.1
Price: $249.00
Author: Eicra Soft Ltd
Added: 07/15/2009
Updated: 06/08/2014
739 Hits

Pubforce is a wordpress plug-in that helps driven Pub and Tavern owners to further their online presence. With this CMS, one can add events, menu items and even send out newsletters automatically. Through it's visually engaging design (template is provided) is it not only a favorite in the pub scene but also a solid contributor to a pub's bottom line. We're planning on releasing version for sport bars, restaurants and cafe's at one point.
Version: 1.0
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun Solaris
Price: $0
Author: Pubforce
Added: 01/18/2010
Updated: 01/18/2010
595 Hits

QuickApps CMS
Open source, Content Management System based in most popular Drupal principles and built on CakePHP v2.0. Themes, Modules, Taxonomies, Multilanguage, Content types based in Field API and so on. Fully customisable, which allow to manage simple websites, blog, etc.
Version: 1.0 Beta
Price: $0
Author: Christopher Castro
Added: 10/30/2011
Updated: 10/30/2011
591 Hits

Resize Images Using PHP and GD Library
The article along with complete code sample demonstrates the use of GD library to generate thumbnails. The script first saves the uploaded image in a specific location, it then generates a thumbnail version of the image and finally saves the generated thumbnail image in JPEG format. The article also includes explanation of the calculations involved and a few other tips.
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,FreeBSD
Price: $0
Author: Salman Arshad
Added: 05/05/2009
Updated: 05/05/2009
599 Hits

SetaPDF-Signer API
The SetaPDF-Signer API allows PHP developers to digital sign PDF documents in pure PHP. Digital signatures in PDF or any other document serves two purposes: The signature guarantees the document's integrity and it allows the recipient to identify the signer of a document.
Version: 1.1
Price: €120.00
Author: Setasign - Jan Slabon
Added: 09/19/2008
Updated: 09/19/2008
472 Hits

This project is a collection of PHP 5.x classes, written in OOP style, providing exception support, dedicated for sending multipart/mixed e-mails fast and easily, with or without embedded images and/or attachments.
Version: 2011
Price: $0
Author: Raul IONESCU
Added: 11/26/2011
Updated: 11/26/2011
529 Hits Question/Answer Portal Like Just Answer and Studentoffortune
Site comes with a coding support team to make any changes you desire, for a small price. This Site can be fully purchased outright. Site is a money maker!! FULLY DEVELOPED FRONT END AND BACK END FULL SITE Site has everything: Google Wideget, Payment system, How It Works, Question List, Experts, forum, Affiliates, Terms of Service, Security & Privacy, Press Kit, Sitemap, About Us, Contact Us, FAQ, feedback, reivews, EVEN GOOGLE GADGET. TO MUCH TO LIST! Solve World is a website where you can get the answer to any question you are looking for. You can look through our large tutorial list or even create your own question. We have many knowledgeable people that can help you find the answer to your questions. We also have this unique feature by virtue of which you can upload a video/audio questions and our experts will get back to you with video/audio answers in no time.
Platform(s): Linux,Windows
Price: $1500
Author: Solve World Coders
Added: 05/25/2010
Updated: 05/25/2010
567 Hits

TEKDesign - Web Developers
We specialize in design and development for the web and multimedia. From the look and feel design, to the programming and servers that run behind the scenes. We pay meticulous attention to every aspect of the design and development process. We have extensive experiance with PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, Adobe CS3, video, flash, and more.
Version: n/a
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,Mac OSX
Price: $0
Author: Fernando Fernandez
Added: 06/13/2008
Updated: 06/13/2008
555 Hits

The Best Keylogger
The Best Keylogger is a Invisible Keylogger surveillance, Keystrokes Recorder, Spy Software tool that registers every activity on your PC to logs. The Keylogger allows you to secretly track all activities from all computer users and automatically receive logs to a desire e-mail. With this tool you will have TOTAL control of what is happening on your computer.
Version: 3.53
Price: $49
Author: The Best Keylogger
Added: 09/06/2011
Updated: 09/06/2011
977 Hits

Flippy PsDrive – PhotoShop Resources Site Script
With Flippy PsDrive you can Create your own website like brusheezy(dot)com or myphotoshopbrushes(dot)com within matter of minutes. Start you site with Flippy PsDrive while this big niche have little competition.
Version: 1.0.0
Price: $50.00
Author: FlippyScripts
Added: 05/28/2013
Updated: 05/28/2013
526 Hits

Webber ticket system
Webber Ticket system allows you to seamlessly integrate email or web inquiries into a clean, intuitive and easy to use multi-user web interface. With Webber Ticket system you will be able to reduce the workload, time spent on providing support and increase production and team collaboration. Our helpdesk software is loaded with important features such as custom fields, mass replies, saved searches, rss feeds, advanced statistics and graphs, canned replies, knowledgebase and many more.
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun Solaris
Price: $99.00
Author: drSoft
Added: 12/29/2008
Updated: 12/29/2008
317 Hits

WHMCS Billing & Support System
WHMCS is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution. The intuitive & highly configurable interface allows you to run your business the way you want & puts you right in control. WHMCS allows you to do one time & recurring billing, sending invoices & reminders with professional looking PDF attachments. Multiple-Currencies, Partial Payments, Prorata Billing, Credits and Taxes are all supported & history/reports keep you up to date. An integrated helpdesk, knowledgebase & client area makes WHMCS a complete solution for both you and your clients. The modular design provides native built-in support for over 100 of the most popular gateways, control panels, domain registrars & other services allowing for fully automated provisioning & management of services aswell as providing a flexible platform for developers to customise & extend from. Modules include: cPanel, Plesk, Enom, DirectI, PayPal,, Quantum, MaxMind + more... A full online demo is available at our website.
Price: $15.95
Author: whmcs
Added: 11/07/2011
Updated: 11/07/2011
295 Hits

Having an ecommerce ease within your website is of essential substance in fortifying conversion rates and making for easy payment. Ydeveloper builds an ecommerce shopping cart, which is easy to navigate and versatile enough to furnish for all the requirements of your shoppers.
Price: $0
Author: Ydeveloper
Added: 09/27/2011
Updated: 09/27/2011
1229 Hits

PHP Guestbook Script
A database driven guestbook in PHP and MySQL with features such as pagination and spam protection.
Version: 1.0
Price: $0.00
Author: Annice Strömberg
Added: 12/18/2011
Updated: 11/15/2016
617 Hits

Php My Age - Automatic Updater For Your Age
Are you tired of having to update your profile to your website every time you make your birthday? This script is for you! This simple php script, once configured, allows you to have your age automatically updated without you having to edit your profile. Enter your date of birth in the script and then put, into your web page, <?php include("php/my_age_en.php"); >. That's it! From now on, the script will do the job for you so you will not have to edit something every time you need it.
Version: 1.3
Price: $0.00
Author: Alessandro Marinuzzi [Alecos]
Added: 12/30/2011
Updated: 12/30/2011
541 Hits

Facebook Viral Like
Facebook Viral Like is the best viral Facebook tool on the market that will allow you to block the content on your pages until the visitors will click on the "Like" button. It is the best way to viral promote your websites, products and links!
Version: 1.0
Price: $19.00
Author: Zirkon Software
Added: 01/04/2012
Updated: 01/08/2012
510 Hits

Baby Gekko CMS
Baby Gekko is written in PHP/MySQL and has been in development since 2006. Gekko Web Builder requires little technical skill or HTML to operate for the end users. You can put contents of simple text, photos, multimedia documents, embed Youtube files, etc with ease with 3rd party extensions. Baby Gekko is not derived from any other open source CMS, it was written from scratch with speed and efficiency in mind. Note - intermediate to advanced PHP coders can easily convert existing Joomla templates and plugins with ease.
Version: 1.1.2
Price: $0.00
Author: Prana
Added: 01/08/2012
Updated: 01/08/2012
514 Hits

PHP Login Script V3
The PHP Login Script V3 is an update to the much loved (and still downloaded) JPMaster77 login script with administration features. The updated script brings the login script in to the 21st century with the latest php security features in place. It works with a wide range of databases including MySQL and SQLite. It has an easy to use administration GUI where you can check, edit, activate and delete user accounts and change site settings including things like username length. Account activation can be done by admin or e-mail. Pages can be protected due to logon or user level status. Users and admins can view and edit their own profiles. The script also has a remember me function so visitors will still be logged on when they return. There is a forget password function, a whose online facility plus much more. It is easy to set up and use with an existing site or if you are starting from scratch.
Version: 3
Price: $0.00
Author: The Angry Frog
Added: 01/11/2012
Updated: 01/11/2012
538 Hits

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