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A simple calendar for weekly schedules
Functionality: - superuser password - individual passwords for each entry - 15-minute grid - even/uneven week cycle - link and name field for each entry Nothing more in V0.1 ;)
Version: 0.1
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx
Price: Free
Author: PitaGyros
Added: 06/07/2005
Updated: 06/08/2005
531 Hits

A Simple Resume Posting Tool
Allows site admins to post staff or employee profiles to their website. This is a very easy to use and integrate staff resume posting tool. Site admins can use the WYSIWYG editor to easily modify employee profile listings on their website.
Version: 1.0
Platform(s): linux
Price: $150.00
Author: White Iron Data -
Added: 01/04/2006
Updated: 01/04/2006
525 Hits

A very cushy mailform
This very versatile mailform can: send mails to different addresses - create autoresponder messages and carboncopies - find out from which country a mail was sent - validate correct completion - be adaptded to any language - be used for any number of websites... You can have a "contact" link on different pages of your website, and each link will lead to a different mailform - but it is the same mailform. Only when linked to from the customer service page it will automatically send the mail to customer service and when linked to from the sales departments page it will send the mail to the sales department. Depending on the link it can also display different preset subjects and messages, create different autoresponder messages, can display labels and error messages in different languages and also present itself in different looks. You can decide if you want users to be able to send attachments, you can also turn on a security captcha.
Version: 2.0
Price: €12.00
Author: Martin Auer
Added: 10/13/2004
Updated: 09/17/2007
534 Hits

A-1 PHP Form Wizard for Dummies
This script works like a wizard that takes you through the various stages involved in creating a PHP form, without having to know the PHP language. You just need to answer the various questions and the wizard will create the code for you. You can add a Javascript validation to the form. Finally, you can customise your PHP form with your favourite HTML editor, so that it suits your web site's colour scheme and style. Summary of features =================== - First page checks the required server configuration - Most fields now have detailed context-sensitive help with screen shots - The form now allows you to redirect the user to a thank you page - The final page allows you to copy the entire PHP form but also allows you to select separately the PHP , Javascript and HTML part, for easier integration to an existing page.
Version: 2.0
Platform(s): linux, windows
Price: Free
Author: Frederic Menard
Added: 03/04/2007
Updated: 03/04/2007
525 Hits

A2 Flash slideshow v25 Editor
A2 Flash Slideshow is an affordable upgradable Flash suite, both powerful and easy to use. It is ideal for design and creating in minutes just as you like for your customer’s websites a wide range of high-impact multimedia flash slideshow, flash photogallery, flash portfolio with pan and zoom camera effects, interactive controls menu and more. It features graphic libraries for: transitions, roll-over various animated effects on image and thumbs, preloader, navigation buttons, flash animated intro, flash animated backgrounds, flash animated opening and closing image, action scripts effects, zoom effects on thumbs strip and ready Flash templates. Add: images, texts, audio, click sound, animated backgrounds and more. Your clients will be absolutely jazzed by the flash slide show You will produce for their websites. Try now A2 Flash!
Version: 2.5
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: $39.50
Author: AflashSoft
Added: 03/21/2007
Updated: 03/21/2007
527 Hits

A4Desk Flash Photo Gallery Builder
An all-in-one software that creates interactive Flash photo gallery. User can create a flash photo gallery with just a few mouse clicks, then use the photo gallery on website, CDROM or as a stand alone application. Supports multiple photo album skins, thumbnails, zooming and fully XML driven. No Flash knowledge, coding or design skill is required
Version: 2.00
Platform(s): windows
Price: $39.00
Author: WebUnion Media Ltd
Added: 05/01/2007
Updated: 02/14/2008
539 Hits

A4DeskPro Flash Web Site Builder
A4DeskPro Flash Web Site Builder allows you to build your site in just 5 minutes, with professional designed templates! Runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista platforms. A4DeskPro is a powerful, easy to use, all-in-one flash web site builder. You can build Flash website and presentations, with multiple menus and sub-menus, with stunning flash animation effects and color with just few mouse clicks -- right on your desktop computer (or notebook) NO coding knowledge, NO Internet connection, and NO purchase of a Flash editing software suite required.
Version: 1.15
Platform(s): windows
Price: $49.95
Author: WebUnion Media Ltd
Added: 07/13/2007
Updated: 02/16/2008
526 Hits

AAA Email Broken Links Script
This simple script will send you a email when a page hasn't been found on your server. This way you can easely keep track of broken links It also emails the refered page where the visitor came from. It will print a error message and will redirect the visitor to another page. // 1) place this script in the document root of your server. // 2) create a .htaccess file with the following line: ErrorDocument 404 /404.php // 3) edit the variables in 404.php // 4) you are done! no broken links that you aren't aware of anymore!
Version: 0.95
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: Free
Author: Eljee
Added: 10/23/2004
Updated: 10/28/2004
522 Hits

AAN Designers
AAN Designers is a professional Web Design & Development Dubai Firm. We specialize in best-in-class Website Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Flash Website and Animations, Web Applications, Corporate Identities and Graphic Design and Print. AAN Designers features an integrated team of web consultants, creative designers, programmers and marketing professionals that know how to get online results.
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, sun
Price: Free
Added: 06/22/2006
Updated: 06/22/2006
518 Hits

AB Links Directory
The most powerful dynamic portal solution that allows you to run a complex web-directory. It has thousands of unique features, including unlimited number of categories, unlimited levels, SEO friendly pages, free, reciprocal and sponsored links (automatic payment available), articles directory, users registration, multiple newsletters and polls, RSS feeds, ratings for links and articles, integrated message board, simple and advanced search, pages are based on templates for fully customizable layout and design (multiple skins available for free, you can create your own skins), forms can be protected by Captcha image to avoid spam, duplicate listing checker, detailed page for each link and article, blacklist, reviews and pictures for links and articles, symbolic links like DMOZ or Yahoo, the option to track incoming and outgoing hits, multiple administrators with different rights. Many more advanced features. No.1 class support.
Version: 3.1
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd
Price: $195.00
Author: AbScripts
Added: 10/18/2006
Updated: 10/18/2006
520 Hits

ABi Template
ABi Template is very simple easy for use template engine written in PHP. It supports loops, and is absolutelly free.
Version: 1.0
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: Free
Author: Arturas Bajarkevicius
Added: 07/18/2005
Updated: 07/21/2005
527 Hits

Absolute Beginners' XML Tutorial
The very basics of XML documents set out in a brief tutorial for absolute beginners. Discusses XML tags, DTDs, well-formed XML documents and gives links to other resources such as XML Parsers, Editors and XSL tools. Free.
Version: n/a
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: Free
Author: The Mouse Whisperer
Added: 10/21/2005
Updated: 10/21/2005
549 Hits

Acajoom Newsletter and Auto-responder
Acajoom can handle an unlimited number of newsletters with an unlimited number of subscribers in just few clicks. Acajoom reuses some of Joomla 1.5 new concepts to make the users experience as smooth as possible. Acajoom has a lot of new powerful features: • First time wizard to help you send your first newsletter successfully. • Copy function for lists and newsletters which can be used to manage newsletter template. • Special front-end user-panel (so users can easily manage the newsletters they are subscribed to) • Auto-configuration of mailing settings • Front-end edition of newsletter for Administrators • Sending mailing report to list owner • Automatic update • Personalize newsletter by greeting the reader with their firstname. • Education center to help you write and design effective newsletters. • Imports email list data from any source Acajoom requires Joomla CMS.
Version: 1.1.0
Platform(s): linux, windows, osx, sun
Price: Free
Added: 08/03/2006
Updated: 08/03/2006
514 Hits

accelGbook Advance V1
accelGbook Advance. A guestbook with admin function which you can modify and delete guestbook entry. It's very easy to integrate this to your web design. and it's free!!!
Version: v 1.4
Platform(s): linux, windows
Price: Free
Author: Russel Tapulao
Added: 11/25/2005
Updated: 11/25/2005
523 Hits

AccountStat is a simple directory viewer that used 1 PHP file with a pie chart showing the amount of space used and remaining space left from a set megabytes that you define. Shows the Total Space, Remaining Space, Space Used and Total files in the current directory and all folders within.
Platform(s): linux, windows
Author: Pineriver
Added: 01/16/2006
Updated: 01/16/2006
534 Hits

Actionscript Experiment on Whiteboard Drawing API
This flash mx actionscript experiment shows you how to create a whiteboard application in flash mx. This experiment allows users to have full control over the line's color and clearing option. In this experiment, the knowledge of drawing API, restrict and maxChars will be useful.
Version: 1.1
Platform(s): linux, windows
Price: Free
Author: sokhodom pheng
Added: 02/07/2005
Updated: 01/18/2006
532 Hits

ActiveXPowUpload PHP Package
ActiveXPowUpload is easy client-side solution that can be used to perform multiple files uploads from a user machine to the web server. ActiveXPowUpload is a ActiveX supported by only Internet Explorer but don't needs anything on user side and supports any standard file processing script on server side. Distribution package also includes server-side PHP file upload scripts for IIS and Apache web servers. ActiveXPowUpload provides many advanced features such as: Multiple file selection; Drag-n-drop files and folders; Rich progress and status information during the upload process; File filters by extension; Possibility to cancel an upload anytime; Access to files date modified, date created, date last accessed, name, size information; Supports Unicode file names, text Form items, localized messages and captions; Supports Authentication (Basic, Windows integrated), etc.
Platform(s): windows
Price: Free
Author: Element-IT Software
Added: 03/06/2008
Updated: 03/06/2008
524 Hits

Ad Management PLUS script
Ad Management PLUS script helps you automate the advertising interface of your site. This script helps you invite advertisers to place their banner ads on your site. You can define the different banner display SLOTS and define banner packages for them. Advertisers can then buy ad packages of their choice through paypal, 2checkout or offline payment methods. Extensive real time stats enhance the advertisers experience. EXPERIENCE this POWERFUL script through the FULL ONLINE DEMO for admin panel as well as advertisers area.
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Author: script2you
Added: 05/21/2005
Updated: 05/21/2005
527 Hits

Ad Rotator
This is a simple class that can be used to create ads that rotate according to a random order. The class takes an array of image files name strings as parameter but it could also be HTML tags for rich media ads. Then it shuffles the numbers assigned to each ad array position in a way that the shuffled array does not contain repeated ad numbers. It displays randomized images from a group of specified images, without repetition. Finally the class can return a new array of ads sorted by order determined by the shuffled ad numbers array. The returned array can be used to display one or more ads in the same page.
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, sun
Author: vedanta barooah
Added: 12/20/2004
Updated: 12/20/2004
518 Hits

AdBie Adsense Website Creator
News & Ads Creator its a very profitable website creator with integrated Google AdSense and Amazon with very high click rate. AdSense ads are displayed multiple times on site. Average click CTR 17%. In 5 steps You can generate Your own web for ads. Web Generator have admin panel for edit text on page and to put Your ads ID's. For generate website You must put one main keyword only. Example, You put "music" and News & Ads Creator generate thousand pages for the "music" keyword. The script is optimized for search engine spiders, all pages are static HTML pages and are spidered by search engines very fast. Ex. for music download is level=1, ml.
Platform(s): linux, windows
Author: AdBie
Added: 12/06/2006
Updated: 12/06/2006
527 Hits

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