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jurlmap is a Java library for enabling your Web apps to have clean, REST-like URLs. Some of its features are a simple pattern language for brevity and convenience, direct binding of parameters to bean properties or method parameters, and configuration in plain Java and annotations.
Version: 0.5
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,FreeBSD,Mac OSX
Price: $0.00
Author: Manuel Tomis
Added: 09/15/2009
Updated: 09/15/2009
708 Hits

Value objects
Improve code quality using value objects. Examples of value objects are numbers, dates, string, email addresses, isbn numbers. Value objects are usually small and simple, their identity is based on their state, not on the object identity.
Version: 1.0
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun Solaris
Price: $0.00
Author: Cellux
Added: 10/18/2009
Updated: 10/18/2009
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MyFileDownloader is a single file downloader. The downloader resumes broken downloads automatically. If the server goes down during download MyFileDownloader can automatically resume the download from a mirror server without any user invention. MyFileDownloader is a small program (Java applet) that can be embedded in a web page.
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,Mac OSX
Price: $119.00
Author: JavaAtWork
Added: 11/20/2009
Updated: 11/20/2009
704 Hits

pulse - the web application framework
pulse is a framework on top of the Servlet API providing easy to use and easy to extend patterns for creating browser based applications and websites. Moreover pulse delivers a set of out-of-the-box components, e.g. CMS, shopping, user management. Key features: * Cross-platform, implemented using Java technology. * Completely written using Java 5. * Provides a framework for quick development of own applications. * Is delivered with a host of out-of-the-box applications: CMS, Shop, Surveys, Filters and many more. * A WebDAV based virtual file system for digital asset management. * Mature user and role management * Easy-to-use administration interface based on AJAX (using Ext JS)
Version: 0.7
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun Solaris
Price: $0
Author: torweg
Added: 12/14/2009
Updated: 12/14/2009
692 Hits

Creating dynamic PDFs with Ruby on Rails and RML
Report Markup Language� is an XML-style language created by ReportLab that describes the precise look of a printed page. This sample application shows how you can use the RML2PDF conversion library from within Ruby on Rails. RML is commercial software which is part of the ReportLab PLUS package. You will need to create a user account on to download a trial version of ReportLab PLUS. If you can code in HTML, you'll find RML easy to learn. RML lets you add complex and great looking PDF document output to your site, with the minimum of development time. We host systems generating hundreds of thousands of PDF documents per month for major blue-chip clients using ReportLab PLUS.
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,FreeBSD,Mac OSX,Sun Solaris
Price: $0
Author: ReportLab
Added: 03/27/2010
Updated: 03/27/2010
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 Most popular scripts
Simple Java Calendar Video Tutorial
This video tutorial demonstrates how to create a simple java calendar with day, week and month views using DHTMLX JavaPlanner web control. The tutorial consists of two videos. You'll learn how to set up a database and connect it to your project, load and save calendar events to the database, and configure the code appropriately,
Price: $299.00
Author: DHTMLX
Added: 05/28/2013
Updated: 05/28/2013
692 Hits

Anubis JAVACards
When developing a new card game, blackjack, poker, anything that involves cards, wouldn't it just be easier to already have the deck built? That is exactly what this component does. This component creates a shoe of however many decks of cards you want, as long as that number is 1 or greater!
Version: 1
Price: $4.99
Author: Travis Weston
Added: 10/30/2011
Updated: 10/30/2011
709 Hits

AustraTek Visual Chat Server
AustraTek provides a fast, stable and unique chat service for your website. Chatters are represented as mini cartoon characters which when submit a message it appears in a chat bubble. Moderators may kick guests or members out of the chat if they break the rules. Each chatroom can have a room limit set or flagged as members only. Chatroom backgrounds may be changed by a administrator. This chat application also includes private chat, private chatmail, messageboard and profiles.
Price: $250
Author: Mike Marwood
Added: 04/29/2011
Updated: 04/29/2011
696 Hits

C++ Programming blog
Beginning C++ Programming With Fundamentals : This blog is for those who want to begin learning c++ programming with c++ programming examples without any prior programming experience. | c++ introduction | c++ source code | c++ programs | c++ examples | c++ notes | c++ tutorials |
Price: $0
Author: Mohammed Homam
Added: 03/27/2010
Updated: 03/27/2010
686 Hits

Contacts Importer / Address Book Grabber
Import contacts from,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and It can be used in any Java application.
Platform(s): Linux,Windows,FreeBSD,Mac OSX
Price: $550
Author: Improsys, inc
Added: 01/19/2011
Updated: 01/19/2011
694 Hits

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