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Dating Software - Start a dating website today!
If you're looking for stable dating / community website software thats trusted by thousands of people world wide, then you've come to the right place! Easy setup. Installs on your hosting account. Web-based management interface gives you full control over your online website 24 hour a day! Nearly 20 payment processing gateways supported including PayPal. Integrated video chat, messenger, forum and many more great features!
Version: n/a
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: £24.99
Author: eMeeting Ltd
Added: 10/13/2007
Updated: 12/31/1969
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PHP Essentials
The purpose of this book is bring the power and ease of use of PHP to anyone with a desire to learn PHP, and in doing so, join the tens of thousands of web developers who have already discovered the flexibility and productivity that comes with using PHP. The book is intended to cover all aspects of PHP. It begins by covering the history of PHP before providing a high level overview of how PHP works and why it is so useful to web developers. It then moves on to cover each area of PHP in detail, from the basics of the scripting language through to object oriented programming, file and filesystem handling and MySQL and SQLite database access. In addition, chapters are also provided covering the creation and handling of HTML based forms and maintaining state using cookies and PHP sessions. All topics are accompanied by extensive real world examples intended to bring theory to life.
Version: Version 2.02
Price: Free
Author: Neil Smyth
Added: 06/11/2007
Updated: 06/11/2007
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Herong's Notes on PHP
This book is a collection of notes and sample codes I wrote while learning PHP. Topics include Command Line Interface (CLI), array, book, CGI, cookie, database, example, free, function, HTTP, IIS, language, loop, mail, MySQL, online, PHP, request, session, SMTP, SQL, tutorial.
Version: 1.5
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: Free
Author: Dr. Herong Yang
Added: 05/05/2005
Updated: 10/18/2005
5010 Hits

Start a Cash-Generating Joomla! Website
Written by Brandon Dawson and Tom Canavan, this book is a fast and easy read, taking the reader from the inception of an idea, to a fully working cash-generating website built on Joomla! The emphasis of this book is towards business and online e-commerce; it will give readers a valuable knowledge base on search engines, layout and design, implementing a shopping cart, marketing their website, affiliate marketing and more. Readers will appreciate the concise and straightforward method to set up a cash-generating website. This book is suitable for business people with a medium level of technical skill who need a good primer on how to implement a cash-generating website. Those unfamiliar with Joomla! would benefit from reading Building Websites with Joomla! 1.5 Beta 1. Joomla! is an award-winning Content Management System (CMS) that helps users build websites and other powerful online applications. It is an open-source solution that is freely available to everybody.
Version: 1.5
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: $31.49
Author: Brandon Dawson, Tom Canavan
Added: 11/29/2007
Updated: 11/29/2007
5014 Hits

Learn to Master Joomla! 1.5 Extension& Framework Development with new book
Packed with expert advice on all aspects of programming with Joomla! Written by James Kennard, this book is an invaluable reference guide that users will turn to again and again as they work with Joomla! This book is ideal for people who have done PHP programming to extend or customize Joomla! If users feel that they have mastered the basics of creating Joomla! extensions, then this book will take them to the next level. Users will also learn about customizing the page output, using JavaScript effects, making use of Web Services from within Joomla! thus ensuring a secure and error-free code This book is written for PHP developers who want to understand how Joomla! works with a view to advanced customization or extension development, and want to learn how to work with the Joomla! framework. Packed with expert advice on all aspects of programming with Joomla!, this book is an invaluable reference guide users will turn to again and again in their Joomla! development tasks.
Version: n/a
Platform(s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx, sun
Price: $44.99
Author: James Kennard
Added: 11/29/2007
Updated: 11/29/2007
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 Most popular scripts
JEMWD Contact System with Admin Interface
This comment system has the following features: *Two main options to receive messages ** MySQL database with admin interface to respond to messages (also logs responses and who* responded) ** Support for multiple admin accounts ** Email to admin email account with preset reply-to header * jQuery form submission for smoother user experience * Customised CSS3 form design * Mobile-optimised design (auto resize for mobile devices)
Version: 1.0
Price: 0.00
Author: Joshua Mustill
Added: 09/13/2013
Updated: 09/13/2013
5027 Hits

Ajax PHP/MySQL Guestbook
A nice Ajax PHP/MySQL questbook with a very clean, simple interface.
Platform(s): Linux
Price: $0
Author: Ehwtf
Added: 05/01/2009
Updated: 05/01/2009
5028 Hits

Ajax Translator Revolution Pro
Provides a set of options to customize the translator to accomplish any translation task, such as: Translate AJAX generated text Translate cufon text Select exactly what parts of the page should be translated and exclude others Remember user selected laguanges and auto translate feature Show languages flags and names, or just names, or just flags 71 documented options to customize Translator Revolution PRO uses the AJAX Google Translate API , which means that the translation will take place without reloading the webpage. There are 10 colors skins to choose from, they come in 4 styles and 2 variants, totalizing 80 different skins. If you're a CSS guru, you can style it in the way you want, just don't use any skin. The samples include a demonstration of how to do it.
Price: $10
Author: SurStudio
Added: 08/31/2011
Updated: 08/31/2011
5018 Hits

Best Groupon Clone by Gripsell
Groupon clone is a daily deals script offered by Gripsell daily deals script is a browser compatible PHP and MySQL based business enabler script that allows you to start your own daily deals website quickly and easily, helps you to setup, maintain an extensive and well organized coupon based business. features exclusive functions like deals maps, instant deals, multi-locations deals, multi-lingual deals, PDF invoicing module, sales analysis, social media integration, retailers and merchant login, and more. Gripsell Script features an unbeatable deals engine that allows posting the custom and best stuff. The users can buy the daily deal, access purchased coupons, and redeem them electronically.
Version: 4.3.3
Price: $349.00
Author: Gripsell, Inc.
Added: 11/18/2011
Updated: 11/18/2011
5022 Hits

ATN Auto Portal
Subscribe to our mailing lists to be notified of new script additions and offers.
Version: 2.0
Price: $299.00
Author: ATN Solutions
Added: 08/02/2014
Updated: 08/02/2014
5013 Hits

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